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Privacy regulations vary across regions, each with its own set of specific requirements. At illow, we recognize the importance of tailoring your website's privacy compliance to meet these distinct needs. That's why we've developed a dynamic banner system that adapts based on the user visiting your site, ensuring automatic compliance with various regulations.

Dynamic Banner System:

Our dynamic banner system intelligently adjusts its display to align with the specific privacy regulations relevant to your website visitors. This adaptive approach guarantees that you seamlessly comply with diverse legal frameworks.

 Let's explore the different banners available in the illow platform:

  • GDPR / LGPD style
  • US Opt-out
  • illow's GLOBAL banner style

*You can also turn on IAB switch and the GDPR and Global banner will change to adapt to comply with IAB TCF 2.2

Let's explore each banner:


This banner is to comply with GDPR (Europe) and similar regulations with high standards regulations. Here is a sample of these regulations and regions:

  • GDPR (Europe)
  • Law 25 (Quebec)
  • LGPD (Brazil)
  • FADP (Switzerland)
  • CNIL (France)
  • PDPA (Thailand)
  • KVKK (Turkey)
  • PIPA (South Korea)

US Opt-out 

This banner is the one created to comply initially with CCPA (the Californian regulation).


This banner makes your website compliant with:

  • CCPA (California)
  • UCPA (Utah)

illow's GLOBAL Style

The global banner is employed in regions with less stringent regulations. Its design, lacking a direct "Reject Cookies" button, contributes to a higher acceptance rate. Find here some of the regulations where this banner is used to comply with:

  • VCDPA (Virginia)
  • CPA (Colorado)
  • CDPA (Indiana)
  • Rest of USA
  • PIPEDA (Rest of Canada)
  • LFPDPPP (Mexico)
  • Colombia
  • APA (Australia)
  • Privacy Act 2020 (New Zealand)
  • DPA (Philippines)
  • APPI (Japan)
  • PDPL (Peru)
  • LPDP (Argentina)
  • Rest of the world

You have control

IMPORTANT: Although this is the default behavior of our tools, with our "Banner selector" feature you can edit which banner you want to display in each region.

To see how to do this, you can read our article  "Customize banner by region".

If you have questions about which banner should be displayed according to your region or others, here is a complete with all the regulations.

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