Receiving a Data Request

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When using illow, you can receive a Data Request in many ways. The most common one is getting your user to fill out the Request Form that illow provides you out-of-the-box. But you can also submit a request to the platform using other strategies. Here is a list of some of the possibilities:

  • Using illow's Request Form (Recommended)
  • Sending a POST request directly to illow's API
  • Integrating Privacy Forms from other platforms.
  • Making your mobile app send a Request when a user hits your "Delete my account" button. (Required by Apple)


Whenever a user asks you to delete the data, a Data Request is created, i.e. the vehicle by which you as a company get to know what action the user is requesting from you and how is that user identified (email, phone, CPF, etc).


The Request Form is the actual form the user can fill out to create a Data Deletion Request. Here is the place where the user is asked for the country, basic information and action to be carried out by the company. Don't worry, illow creates this editable form for you out-of-the-box. We've got you covered ?

Using illow's Request Form

As soon as you create an account at illow, a Request Form is created for you. You can see it and customize it at Privacy Ops > Request Form.

You can then either select to add the link to your Cookie Banner or copy-paste it yourself to any button or component of your app (or even embed it!).

A Data Request will be created in your account whenever a user fills out this form.

Remember that illow gives you a Request Form per site that you have created within the platform.

So, if you have multiple sites, you can use them as you'd like, i.e. showing only one to all your customers or customize all of them and allow for different actions depending on the site the users are coming from. Eitherway, all Data Requests will be compiled in the same list.

Other ways

We also provide the possibility to integrate Privacy Forms from other platforms. Right now, this is an on-demand feature per customer. So, if you are in the need for it, please reach out to us at

Also you can send us a message to the same account if you are integrating illow to your mobile app and we will help you out.

Next -> Verifying data request.

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