How to Configure Your Cookie Banner to Align with Your Website's Language Settings

Modified on Fri, 24 Nov 2023 at 01:10 PM

If you have the multilanguage feature turned on, by default, the banner's language will be displayed in the user's browser configuration language. 

However, you can make your website banner change languages based on your website's language instead of your browser's language.

If your site provides various language options and you want our banner to change in real-time to match the user's choice, we provide a solution through our JavaScript method "illow.setLanguage()".

How to implement it?

To implement this method, you need to add it to the button or link that determines the language of your site, specifying the ISO code of the language you want to translate it to within the method, like this:

<button onclick="illow.setLanguage('en')">English</button>

On our platform, you'll find that our banner can be translated into approximately 30 different languages.

Something important to note is that for this to work, you must have the Multilanguage switch activated on our platform, which you can find in:

       Side Menu > Cookie Banner > Position & Format > Language

Otherwise, the banner will only be displayed in the default language chosen on our platform.

You can test this method in real-time and see the detailed code for implementation here.

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